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Félicité Canella


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PostSubject: ✭BACK IN THE DAYS, A SUPERPOWERS RP✭   Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:52 am

When we think of 'boarding school' we think of small dorm rooms, rebellious teenagers, and of course strict teachers. When we think boarding schools they are just normal schools, with normal people, and normal education. But what they serve in ASHER ACADEMY isn't average, and definitely doesn't just have 'normal' people. You see all around the world an outbreak of strange things began to happen. People started gaining powers. Extra-odinary powers. Something not a normal person could do. At first these people lived in harmony with the others. Some, not even knowing they had the power. Some, even becoming super heroes of the city-- while some, even super villains. It was like superman, but in real life. But in the difference with superman, they never really do tell you what happens afterwords. Dating, Marrying, Having kids.

All in all, a good show to watch but you wonder...What happens to these kids when they get older? Do they grow up normally like normal kids? Do they fear of themselves because of their powers? Or even...will they use their powers for evil? There's only one simple answer for these questions. Asher Academy. Yes. Since teenagers and kids are just how they are, we know they can't control their themselves nor their powers. Cases of death, manipulation, and even blackmail were spotted in normal schools by these kids, and unlike their parents...they probably weren't known as the 'super heroes' of the city. So thanks to the help of elderly super heroes, Asher Academy was created.

In a huge island, almost big as a whole country, there was a city, and an school just for these kids to be when they turn 12. In Asher Academy they are taught how to control their powers, and even understand others to protect themselves. Some come out a brave intelligent super hero, while the others come out as genius greedy super villains. Like any other school they deal the same drama, fights, and lectures you'd see in any other school. Just be sure not to break a leg, cause here, you probably could.

So what do you say? Who are you going to be in Asher Academy?
We are especially interested in having an Italy, Australia and yes, South America OCs
{yes, we welcome OCs and genderbends with open arms~!}

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