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 Playing Catch-Up~

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PostSubject: Playing Catch-Up~   Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:52 pm

Ahh.. sorry guys I know I should have done this earlier since I haven't been on in a few days.. But I got my mind on track now.. School has basically been mounds of homework and projects one after the other. I haven't had time for really anything :/ So until I get everything stable and under control with time management; You guys won't be seeing me on for a little while longer.

I want to say I'll be back in a week but to be sure this Hiatus will keep me away for to the max two weeks.

I'll try to get on inbetween to work on my replies I owe to Keith and Lovino, but other than that I can't make any promises :p

See you guys later!~ Yay Vietnam Blush Grin Stud Muffin
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Playing Catch-Up~
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