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 Hiatus, baby

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Hiatus, baby   Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:30 pm

I shall be gone for the next two weeks. I am leaving tomorrow and coming back on the 24th. Or maybe it is the 23rd. I'm not really sure and I do not feel like digging up the papers that tell me. Until then, I shall be chillin' in Philadelphia at Drexel playing fashion designer.
There are computers and internet and whatnot, but looking at the schedule, I am not sure how much free time I will have...and I plan on using that free time to read P.G. Wodehouse.

So yup, just pretend Roddy left for Austria without telling anybody (except Keith) because goodbyes suck.
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Hiatus, baby
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