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 and BAM!! Liz has arrived! *evil laugh*

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Eliza Delabrèaux

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PostSubject: and BAM!! Liz has arrived! *evil laugh*   Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:45 am

right.. well, first and foremost.. hiya everyone! Grin

second, i know this is just plain ignorant and weird of meee, but, I actually don't know anything about Hetalia. ahaha.. ^^" except maybe for the fact that there's people representing each country and stuff. (ai, please don't shoot me.. :3)

So yeah, I'm still quite adapting. As for why I even joined knowing it's like shifting from Medicine to Law, I am in desperate need of a new RP site. I went to forumotion search engine, and wow did it take long before I finally found a good site and thus, came across this. I'm not a hetalia fan, but I think I can manage. (the site's like a school rpg anyway)^^~

My character would (hopefully) be from the country of France. (Though IRL, I'm a proud Asian descent who's currently living in Western Australia. XD). I hope that'll work.

As you can see, I love to talk and chat. And RP. :3 and, yeah, that's about it. I think I'll stop for now. I've blabbered enough. I don't want to trouble you all with the lengthy (and totally non-sense) introduction of mine. Neahahaaha. Right, looking forward to RPing with everyone!!

~ Eliza

[~ edit ~]

PS. I was wondering if (since this is anime-based), my character could have pink hair? Ehehe.weird, i know. But yeah, like, can I just make up an excuse such as 'she dyed her hair for blablabla reasons'.??
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Félicité Canella


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PostSubject: Re: and BAM!! Liz has arrived! *evil laugh*   Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:12 pm

Heya there~! I'm not just here to welcome you to the forum {though 'hello' anyway!}, I'm here to clear things up a bit, dear. Also though this is a magic school AU, it is still fully based in the Hetalia-verse. For example, the countries are still personified as the same characters that the author created in the webcomic! Just like in a Harry Potter AU, you still have the same characters with the same personality traits and quirks, just reimagined in a different universe.

Seeing as this forum is still very much Hetalia, this site may not be what you are looking for. If you want to read up on the webcomic and watch the anime, feel free to look this site up again and join! If not, you'd have much more fun in another forum.

I do wish you the best no matter what you do, Miss Eliza!

{Oh! This may just be me being nitpicky, but generally intros are done after you fill out an application and an admin approves it : D}

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and BAM!! Liz has arrived! *evil laugh*
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